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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Blogmas series - Every Mind Matters X Christmas Together

 For the next few days I am hoping to be writing a series of Christmas posts to get us all festive during this period. However this particular post is different. During this time it can be difficult for some people for lots of reasons. Its really important for us as a community to be aware of this, and to reach out to them, which is the reason for this theme for today. Loneliness is an issue that can affect us at any time, even more difficult during Christmas. We can all do small things to help someone out of loneliness, but also ourselves. A range of UK celebrities are joining a special radio show called Christmas together, a Hits Radio Show to be broadcast on Christmas Day to provide companionship to those who may be feeling lonely at Christmas, supported by Better Health Healthy Mind Matters, click on the link here for further details: Christmas Together  

In the meantime here are some great tips to help get through the festive period:

Find something you enjoy- keeping our minds busy (and fun) really does help me to keep focused and embrace the positives of how great and talented I am. What better way to showcase this than cooking. It does not have to be cooking, it can be sewing, crochet, beauty tips. Whatever it is, why not showcase this to friends or family? This can really help to boost confidence and self esteem. Before writing this blog post I have just made a lamb curry, and it tasted amazing !

Connect- This is a great transition to my next advice- keep in touch with people. There may be friends or extended families that you may have not spoken to in a while, why not catch up with them to see how they are? You never know they may find it great that you have reached out to them to check how they are doing! 

 Be outside- this includes walking as well. I have written a post of the benefits of walking and exercise, but being outside really does help to clear the mind, and stay distracted. Despite the cold weather it is really important, especially from a nutritional perspective to get some Vitamin D. Known as the sunshine vitamin it helps to keep our bones strong, but this can also be found in eggs, cheese and other dairy produce. Exercise

Social Media- Now you are probably wondering why I have mentioned this. Social Media can be a great platform to connect with family and friends, share great content with the world and make new friends (or relationships) however it can be negative as well, as it can cause us to make comparisons to their "wonderful" lives on the social media world. But we all need to realise sometimes there may be things going on in their lives that we are not aware of. Everyone is going through something, but choose to share what they want to share. We should not take their "amazing life" so seriously as we really do not know what is going on behind the scenes. 

I hope this short post were useful, let me know in the comments other ideas to help someone get through at Christmas.