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Breakfast is King

What I have come across when speaking and chatting to  clients is that they do not have breakfast in the morning. Instead they are waiting till lunchtime to have their first meal This is not great at all as studies have shown that we are more than likely to gain more weight, and then have an increased chance of having dietary lifestyle diseases. When we do not have breakfast what happens is that we tend to have a larger meal which entails that we have excess calories/ fat etc and then we are doing this everyday, then that's when things start adding up. What also happens is that any meal will be retained by the body because it is not sure when the next meal will be. Finally the meals that we tend to have have too little nutrition value, low in fibre,  saturated fat, and sugar, which can cause high cholesterol and increased chances of high blood pressure. So in this post I am promoting the importance of breakfast every morning. Variety is key so that we are getting lots of macro


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