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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Product Review- Bol One Pot Meal- Sweet Potato Katsu Curry

 I thought I would do another product review of an item that really caught my eye whilst I was doing my food shopping the other day. This item was priced at £1, but this was an offer price, the real price I think is £3. As I have had other products from Boil and have been great, I was confident that this new product would taste just as nice as the others. So lets go ahead and review this shall we?

First off I have to say I really do love the packaging! Packaging is what draws me to buy items, the shape or the labels, plus the range of colour that was used. I then saw on the front of the label that it contained 20 grams of protein. Personally, I ignore that statement regarding high in protein. I have seen recently that companies are labelling and drawing attention to protein. This is great to hear that this contains protein, but to be honest it is easy to have a meal which contains protein. For a meat eater (carnivore) this can be found in meat, fish, chicken, eggs, pork. For vegetarian or a vegan this can be found in vegetables, nuts, seeds or pulses. So I think it is quite easy to get protein, even a tin of baked beans contains a great amount of protein. Protein is a nutrient that helps with the growth of new cells, and repair damaged ones a well, so it is an important nutrient like Carbohydrates and Fat. Fat is important, as this protects our organs, and supports with supplying energy to keep us moving. However, we should watch our fat content as this can affect our heart health and decrease our life expectancy.  

Going back to the product, after I noticed the logo which contained a high amount of protein, I decided to investigate and look at the back of the product. I have to say that even the nutritional information is nicely presented, I love the use of the colours, purple, green and orange, to make certain nutrients a bit clearer. The ingredients list was well presented. The product mainly contained vegetables: black turtle beans, chickpeas (love chickpeas!) sweet potato, lentils, carrot etc. This is a healthy product packed with a range of vegetables. Finally, I looked at the nutritional label to confirm my statement. I noticed that the saturated fat content was 3.2 grams for the whole item, which is low, that is great because items high in saturated fat contributes to increased chances of heart related diseases. I then looked at the sugar content. This was also low at 2.3 grams for the whole item. Items high in sugar can cause issues for with teeth, but also can be a contributing factor to an increased waistline, low mood and obesity related diseases. I have to add that the salt content for this is a medium, with a figure of 1.67 grams per product. On a positive note, this is not too bad, as at least this is not high amount of salt, which also can affect the heart and the arteries. Finally to mention that for the fibre content, this is a high amount of 27.5 grams for the whole item. This is expected as the product mainly contains vegetables, and generally vegetables does contain a high amount of Fibre. From a nutritional perspective this is a great product. The cooking process was easy, which can be done either in the microwave or in the pan. I actually prefer this in the pan, as I feel that I can have control over the whole food, and make sure all the meal is piping hot. In the microwave this takes about 3 minutes. I have to say that the food was great, there was loads of spices and herbs which I can taste. The only criticism I have is that I wish there was more spices within the meal to give it that kick, which I hope I am making sense. This product is something I would recommend if you are living on your own, or at work and need something for lunch, or this can be great for a snack prior to the main meal later on in the evening. Bear in mind the price is currently £1 however I am sure this will change to the RRP of £3. 

Feel free to comment if you have tried Bol meals, or any of their other ranges!


  1. I always purchase these instant meals; I enjoy them, but I've never tasted The Bol One Pot Meals before; I have tried different brands. I want to give this sweet potato katsu curry a shot. I hope the flavor will be good. The ingredients in this are rich and delicious, and I happen to like sweet potatoes.

  2. These BOL ONE POT MEALS are my favorite; I like several of their flavors. If I don't have time to prepare something for myself, I keep a pack of these, just in case to take to work. They are quick to heat up and easy to make; I can add vegetables and meats to them, and they taste great.


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