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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

The Benefits of meeting with a Registered Nutritionist

As you may or may not know, I have been a registered Nutritionist for the past ten years and more. I felt that over the past few years nutrition and health have become a very very hot topic across the whole board. Examples include Sport, Food, Wellness, and how we can not forget the environment?

For sport, in order to be at  the peak performance, nutrition plays a big part within that, especially if the sportsmen and sportswomen want to continue to be at the top of their game. Exercise also has an influence within that, but nutrition and exercise goes hand in hand. The body will be unable to perform at their best if exercise, and nutrition are not done correctly. 

With the ongoing issue with the obesity epidemic, changes have been made over the past few years to address the issue. I have mentioned this in my previous blogs about this. Of course food plays a big part within that, and it is looking at how we can change our attitude to food to address the issue, but again it is a lifestyle change, how can we make small changes to make a big impact on tackling obesity.  I have mentioned this in my previous post : obesity

Since covid-19 pandemic, well really even before the pandemic I did mention in my old posts that mental health and nutrition have a great relationship. When that is broken, it can lead to changes which can lead to making poor decisions when choosing foods. Other aspects of nutrition comes into play as well, for example sleep. Making sure that we have adequate amounts of sleep daily can really prepare us for the day ahead, and then we can make better choices when it comes to food. A great example of this was a time I only got four hours of sleep. That morning I did not feel like eating breakfast at all. I got through till the afternoon with nothing to eat. I became ratty, moody and tired. I made something to eat, and it was something from the takeaway shop, which is something that I do not usually eat. Again I am not advising that takeaways are bad at all, far from that, but it is not something that I really chose to consume at that time. I feel that when we eat well, our wellness can have a great balance, and then we can think more clearly. It can also be the other way round. If our wellness takes its toll, nutrition  can be a slippery slope, where we tend not to eat, as we loose our appetite, or we can choose foods where that they are not the best choices. If this is happening on a daily basis, that is where problems can arise, with the increase chances of various health problems. I have included this further in a previous post about mental health: lockdown

Climate change has become an increasing big topic as well over the last year or so. Nutrition again can play a big part within this. Meat alternative is a fantastic option, but there is still a long way to go, with reducing the salt content, as well as others with some, however again nutrition is a great place to be in at this changing time.  

Which is why Nutritionists are a great benefit to have in the 21st century. Any issues which you would like to discuss, whether it can be fertility, obesity, sport, climate change, there is a Nutritionist for you. My speciality if you like to know is Public Health and Nutrition Science. That generally covers Government guidelines, but also how food can play a part within our bodies. It is great joy to support clients when they need me to help them with their issues. I always try and give the best advice to them. Which then leads to my next point, it is good to give support and advice, however it is also important to keep up with the knowledge and the skills, to ensure that we are able to give them that advice. 

I am part of an regulatory organisation called The Association for Nutrition. This is an awarding body to make sure that Nutritionists on the register are of the highest standard and quality. They make sure that any Nutritionist that would like to join the register meet the required competencies, and standards. The organisation covers the whole of the United Kingdom, and each area of the UK has a sub regional representative, that meets the registrants, through regular meetings. This is a place where we can share ideas, best practise, and how we can take the organisation forward, including increasing membership.  

We have over 2,000 members (including myself) on the register, across different sectors, which can range from Animal, Public Health, Sport, Genetics, as well as others. 

As I have stated I am part of the AFN registration, and have my own consultancy , I can offer any nutritional support that is required. Further details on my services are on this website link: Contact details

Feel free to have a look at the Association for Nutrition register on this link: AFN