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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

One of my favourite items to snack on

 I literally picked this up the other day, as I was feeling peckish. I was not hungry at all, but I fancied something sweet, but at the same time I did not want to go for the high sugar/unhealthy snacks like chocolate, biscuits, cakes. Luckily I saw this product in the supermarket called Tescos, and picked up this great food product called Love Corn. 

Corn is a brilliant alternative if you are feeling peckish, hungry or you just need a quick pick me up to feel better. It is a plant based product, and that means that it can contribute to 1 of your five a day. It is also fantastic for all people who are vegan or vegetarian. It is packed full of fibre, which helps with bowel movement, and reduce cholesterol. Corn has other benefits as well, which includes folate and vitamin C. Folate is part of the vitamin B family, called vitamin B9. This is made naturally in the body, and is used to make red blood cells, so it works in close partnership with the mineral Iron to make red blood cells. Folate can be found in other variety of food items including eggs, yoghurt, and milk. However if you are vegetarian or vegan, it can be found in any leafy green vegetables. Personally I would recommend the vegetable Kale to get the best amounts of Folate. Corn contains vitamin C, which provides protection against cold and flu. That does not mean we will never have cold and flu again, but it means that when we do get them we will not feel so rough, and also not get them so so often. Hopefully similar to receiving the vaccine against the covid-19 pandemic. This will not stop us having covid, but the vaccine can stop us being so so ill, and going to hospital to receive treatment. Vitamin C also works with Iron and Folate to absorb red blood cells, and also helps to build new skin cells called Collagen. Collagen is a protein, that helps to keep the skin supple. 

As you can see corn gives a range of health benefits, which makes it a great product to snack on. Love Corn contains low salt, which I love, as too much salt can lead to high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart attacks. It also contains low sugar. Reducing sugar intake is important, as excess amounts of these can lead to conversion into fat. Too much fat intake can lead to increase risks of obesity related issues, as well as pressure on our arteries, which can lead to increase risks of type 2 diabetes, including pressure on our joints.  Excess sugar consumption can also affect our teeth and gums, by attacking them, causing them to erode. As you know I do not count the calories on food products because it all depends on each person's lifestyle, exercise, as well as the kind of foods that they eat. This then can determine the recommended calories that the particular person needs. However to not gain weight, we must not consume more food that we burn less. To make this more simple, if we do not exercise at all, but we eat far too much portions of food every day, we will gain fat and sugar. But if we reduce our portions of food, and increase the amount of exercise we do,  we will reduce the amount of fat and sugar intake. This would also include the calorie reduction. This product contains 180 calories, which is quite a small amount, in comparison to the other unhealthy snacks that are out there in the market. A handful of corn daily would roughly work out to be around 10% percent, so 18 calories for a daily handful of corn.  

So to summarise I would definitely recommend this product as a great snack alternative to sweets or chocolate (or both)

I will be buying this on a regular basis when I am passing the nuts and seeds aisle in the supermarket. 

For more details on this product this is their Instagram page: instagram


Love Corn