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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Empowering Progress: The Evolution of Women's Football on the Global Stage

 Not sure if you are aware but I have been following the FIFA Women's World Cup for the past few weeks. It has been a fantastic tournament and reached the final conclusion this morning. I will not mention the result but it was a fantastic match !

I thought I would use this blog to invite a guest writer in to discuss how women's football has grown over the last ten years. Let me know your comments and thoughts ! 


The Challenges Faced by Women in Football

Playing football as a woman has not always been easy. There were many obstacles that stood in the way of women who wanted to enjoy and excel in the sport. Let's take a look at some of the challenges they had to overcome:

  • Skepticism and Doubt: People used to doubt whether women could really play football well. Some believed that football was only for men, which made it hard for women to prove themselves.
  • Limited Opportunities: Back then, there was not as many chances for women to play. There were fewer teams, leagues, and tournaments for them compared to men.
  • Stuck Stereotypes: Society had certain ideas about how women should behave, and these ideas did not always fit with playing sports like football. This held back many talented women from showing what they could do.
  • Lack of Support: Women often did not get the same support as men when it came to training, coaching, and resources. 
  • Facing Discrimination: Some people did not think women belonged on the football field and treated them unfairly. Only due to this reason it was really hard for women to enjoy the game they like.
  • Negative Stereotypes and Image: Women athletes have faced criticism and pressure regarding their appearance and femininity. 
  • Double Standards: Female athletes sometimes face higher expectations and scrutiny compared to male athletes. Mistakes or performance setbacks may be magnified, and their competence might be questioned more readily.
  • Balancing Responsibilities: Many women face challenges in balancing their football careers with other life responsibilities, such as family obligations or work commitments. The lack of comprehensive support systems can make it difficult to manage these responsibilities effectively.

A Game-Changer for Women's Football

Absolutely, the Women's World Cup was like a big turning point that made people really notice and appreciate women's football. In this worldwide competition, female players showed off their amazing skills, hard work, and athleticism.

 The Women's World Cup proved that some wrong ideas about women's football were completely untrue. It inspired many and made them see women's sports in a whole new light. People from all different backgrounds felt the impact, and it made women feel stronger and more confident. It marked a fresh start where people started to truly care about and admire women's football.

The Resilience of the Women's England Football Team

The Women's England Football Team is one of the founders of women's football. Their constant dedication as well as determination have helped the sport advance. 

 These athletes have earned the reputation of excellence and determination by overcoming obstacles and fighting against all odds. They have not only gained appreciation for their accomplishments, but they additionally set the way for future generations of female football fans.

Celebrating Diversity: Women of Color in Football

The growing representation and impact of women of color has been a major change in women's football. The sport gave a platform for many different voices and skills to flourish as it became a more inclusive one. 

 Women of color have achieved success, dismantling misconceptions and encouraging many more to follow their aspirations. Their presence on the field represents development and empowers prospective athletes who may have previously felt excluded.

How Media Helped Change Women's Football

Have you ever considered how stories we read and watch in newspapers, on TV, and online can have a significant impact? Well, women's football experienced just that. Let's examine more closely how the media contributed to the increased acceptance and appreciation of women's football.

  • Sharing Exciting Stories:Think about turning on the TV and watching an amazing women's football game, just like you would for a men's game. As games and highlights began to appear more frequently in the media, everyone was able to witness the incredible talent and fervor that female players bring to the field.
  • Celebrating Athletes: In addition to covering the match, the media also featured the athletes' motivational tales. People grew to respect and adore these athletes as role models after learning about their determination, struggles, and victories.
  • Interruption of Stereotypes: Football used to be regarded as being primarily a male sport by some. However, by presenting women as equally capable athletes, the media has contributed to a change in that perception. Old concepts were dismantled in order to make way for fresh ideas.
  • Big Events, Big Coverage: The media paid a lot of attention to important competitions like the Women's World Cup when they were held. This increased interest in women's football and shown that it is just as thrilling and significant as men's football.

Bringing the World Together: People Loving the Women's World Cup

The Women's World Cup is making people all around the world very happy. It is like a big, warm hug that everyone enjoys. Lots of people from different places are watching and feeling excited. Many, many people are tuning in to see the matches, which shows that women's football is becoming more and more liked. Fans from all kinds of places watch the exciting games and enjoy them together. This makes everyone feel like they're part of a big sports family, cheering for the same thing and having a great time.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Women's football is becoming increasingly popular, which will have an important effect in the future. There are more role models and opportunities for great dreams available to girls all across the world nowadays. 

 The Women's World Cup, the Women's England Football Team's amazing efforts, and the strength of women from various backgrounds are all contributing to the development of a future in which girls can participate in sports as well.

The Good Things Ahead

The popularity of women's football is benefiting the young women who will play after us. Young girls can observe athletes they look up to and desire to be like. They can picture themselves performing eventually on a significant stage. Girls can be powerful and successful in sports, as seen by the ladies's World Cup, the Women's England Football Team, and the ladies who play football of other races.

A Bright and Inclusive Future

The future for women's sports is very positive. The Women's World Cup, the Women's England Football Team, and football played by women from different cultures have all improved sports. They are constructing a society in which anybody, regardless of identity, can take part in and enjoy sports. Everyone's future is becoming more vibrant and interesting as a result of this, but especially for football-loving girls.

Women's football has advanced significantly. Female athletes shown their talent and perseverance in the face of skeptics and limited possibilities. Everything changed after the Women's World Cup brought attention to their abilities on a worldwide scale. The Women's Football Team of England struggled courageously and opened the path for others. As more women from various backgrounds joined the game, it became more inclusive and diverse. The media also had a significant influence by showcasing thrilling games and honoring player success stories. People from all around the world came together for the Women's World Cup, fostering excitement and a sense of community.

 Now, more girls can have high football aspirations. For women's sports, the future seems promising and friendly. The world of sports is getting more vibrant and interesting with the Women's World Cup, the Women's England Football Team, and a diverse collection of athletes.



  1. Amazing work has been done to improve the game especially for women. The world cup has been incredible and we can all see how important it was for all selected women teams to participate and showcase their talents. Great work.


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