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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Product Review - Charlie Bingham's Red Thai chicken Curry

 It was that time again when I fancied a takeaway, but something that was rich and tasted nice. As I have had Charlie Bingham's meal before I thought I would give this a go. It is the Red Thai chicken curry. It is priced at £8, but it does serve two people. It cannot be freezed (well it states on the packaging that this is not recommended for freezing) so it does have to be consumed all in one go. It is so easy and convenient to prepare, however this cannot be put in the microwave, it is oven use only. The rice and the chicken comes in separate wooden trays, which goes in the oven straight away. It also comes with a layer of foil, which is used to cover the rice. It takes 45 minutes (I leave it for 50 minutes to make sure both the chicken and the rice cooks thoroughly)

My view on the curry is again Charlie Bingham never disappoints, with the inclusions of the coconut, spices, and herbs, it tasted really nice. One point I wanted to address is the curry was quite creamy, which I love, love a thick creamy curry, I was trying to demonstrate this on the last picture attached. 

Now lets discuss the nutritional information. On the ingredients list the product mainly contains spices, rice, and chicken. This is what I was hoping for because that is what I have and can taste. Regarding the nutritional label I noticed that the saturated fat was 15 grams for half the packaging, so really it is 30 grams of saturated fat. For that amount it is high, due to the coconut in the product I think. The salt content was 2.3 grams for half the packet, so for the whole product it really is nearly 5 grams of salt. That is not far off from the whole day recommendation of 6 grams of salt per day. That really is an eye opener into how we can quickly consume a whole days salt intake in one meal. I also noticed that the calorie intake per half the packet was over 2700, so really then the calorie is nearly 6000 kilojoules. 

This takeaway was a treat, but this is just to make you aware of the calories, salt and saturated fat, to take notice into how much and quickly these amounts increase so quickly in one meal. Yes I can definitely go for better options in the future, however I try to stick to what I know will taste good, and discussing on the previous blog post into their products in the past, I knew that this would be just as nice. 

As the weather is picking up, and the sun is shining more, I will be consuming more cooked, homemade meals, controlling the salt, fat and calorie intake. I do enjoy takeaways, and eating out, it is nice to eat a meal and not bother to think about using knives, chopping boards etc. 


  1. Yum, that looks delicious! I love curry, and if it’s creamy that’s an extra plus. Packaged foods tend to have higher amounts of salt because it taste good and is addictive - which makes us crave it, and want to eat more of it, along with higher amounts of fat and sugar. It’s nice to have a treat every once in a while, but like you stated, being conscious of what you’re consuming, and reading labels is important.


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