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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

consistency is key

 Its great to see that lockdown is slowly easing, as now I feel like I can get control again back into adopting a new lifestyle, make these changes, implement them without the ups and downs of lockdown. One of these issues in the past was going to the gym, I love going there, that is the place where I feel happy. The feeling I get when I leave is great, and I feel like I can take on various challenges in the future, come what may. 

When the gyms were closed  I started doing long walks, tracking my progress. At the beginning I had to admit it was very difficult, because my legs were constantly hurting at the end of the walk, as my body was not used to it. Then over the next few weeks I  became fitter and those long walks became easier. The key here is consistency. I was determined to challenge myself and keep walking. Looking back I was proud of myself  , as times like that when things are hard I do tend to give up. But this time I changed my thought process, it was lockdown, my mental health was in jeopardy, I had to do this, and keep walking, to really get through this challenging time. 

So you can see from this post that I am happy that I can go to the gym again, with a new challenge, to improve my fitness, my mental health, my lifestyle. I have done this by recording my current weight, waist, hip, bicep and stomach measurements. I will then re record this a couple of months later, just to see if there has been any progress. I have also started making changes food wise, including drinking more water, reducing my portion sizes, better snacking amongst other changes. 

So here are the stats:

Weight: 67.3kg

Waist: 87cm

Hip: 98cm

Bicep: 33cm

Stomach: 35mm

It would be interesting to find out the new stats in a couple of months. 


  1. Yes, the pandemic has been rough on a lot of us. The positive is you found walking for exercise. I am a HUGE walking advocate, and walk everyday. I don’t think walking gets the credit it deserves. With a decent pair of shoes you can walk out your door, and get your steps in. Grab some hand weights for your walk, and you’ll really get a full body workout. With walking it’s no waiting for a machine at the gym, or traveling back and forth to the gym. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym too, but I think the pandemic has made a lot of us realize just getting into nature - whether your neighborhood or the park does a body good. I hope you’ll keep up your walking along with the gym.


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