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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Great alternative to sugar

So I really love sugar alot especially in tea, and I adore chocolate, biscuits or anything sweet.
As I have got older I realise that I need to reduce this, and also I feel like it has affected my mood alot more, feeling more down in the dumps, and becoming more angrier sometimes.

When I went to do my food shop I came across this product, that I  have attached called coconut sugar by Lucy Bee. It was pricey at £5 , but before I made the purchase I did try Stevia, as an alternative, that was pricey too. But there is a very little amount of this so personally really pricey for what you get for Stevia.
The coconut sugar is great, it tastes nice, but not that sweet , so I am saving both on calories, and the amount of sugar.
As the box states it has a low glycemic index, and also contains other minerals.
Definitely would recommend
Check out the picture below:
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  1. Coconut sugar? This is something I look forward to trying out considering my high desire for coconut products and not too much of a fan of regular sugar. This should be good and I hope I can find that in stores around my place.

  2. This product looks like something I have tried some time ago. Though the taste is still vague, I can remember that it was one of my healthy sugar choices and it served me well throughout the period that I was using it. I'll go back to look for it again because the one I'm using now is definitely not what I want.


  3. Really? Sugar can affect moods a lot more? I think I now understand why I'm always feeling more down in the dumps, and becoming angrier over little things. I guess it's time for me to cut down on it too. I wouldn't want to have myself snapping at people unnecessary and having lots of sugar swimming in my stream.


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