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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Food swapper , save money

I have been eating the almond butter for the last six months. It's tastes amazing however on the pricier side of £5. A friend introduced me to Lidl, and noticed a dupe version, which only cost around £2.50, do exactly half of the price.
I bought it, and decided to compare the two products. I am going to judge it on taste, and nutritional quality

So the Lidl version contains 100% almonds, so it is high in fibre, at ,9.3 grams,and low in sugar, (,5.3g)
 The taste was very bland however that is because it contains all of almonds, and that is how it tastes. 
It weighs 170grams so it is 25% less amount than the other one. Finally this product cannot be kept in the fridge, must be left at room temperature. Otherwise it does separate and looks horrible. 

So the whole earth almond butter, as I stated before taste really sweet. I looked at the nutritional information, it contains 99% almond, 1% oil. It is also high in fibre at 9grams. The sugar content was 2.4 g so less in comparison to the Lidl brand, but you get 25% more almond than the Lidl brand at 227 grams. Additionally the product is great for refrigeration as it does not change and separate, despite it on the label stating it's best at a dry cool place, I have a habit of putting stuff in the fridge. 

So my decision overall whole earth narrowly beats Lidl only because I get more product, and has less sugar, which I have cut out also, well trying to reduce anyway. That will be my next post!!

But feel free to try and let me know your thoughts :)


  1. Tastes bland? No thanks. I'll just stick to my earth almond butter and enjoy the goodness of almonds at its best. It has got a sweet taste and that's why I like it. Not to mention that I can store it for a while and come back to meet it still looking good. Its earth almond butter anytime and any day.

  2. Yeah, the other product may be cheaper, but it's definitely not worth it. Unless you are all about buying and consuming in a day especially if you don't like sugar as such. The product doesn't last long without changing its appearance. There are other cheap options too that gives better, so I'll just look out for those ones and stick to them.


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