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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Easter nearly upon us so.....

As Easter is only days away, and I know that during that time eating well and exercising will be going out of the window, I thought that I  would prepare myself early by keeping up with this right up until Easter. So for dinner I made a basic chicken curry. The reason it was basic I feel is because I tried to use less ingredients as possibly as I  can to save on costs. So you can see on the picture below that the curry jar was only a pound, which was on offer I think usually it was £2. Lloyd Grossman is an award winning chef, so I was really excited to try the curry, as I had an inkling it was going to be nice.
All I added was onion, garlic, yellow pepper, an inch of cumin and of course the chicken breasts!!!
So the total cost for this meal was £4 as the chicken breasts costed £3 and the curry jar was £1.
The curry was absolutely delicious I was really proud of it considering that it did not cost alot, and time to make this. The jar does come in other flavours so this one you can see is the Rogan Josh flavour, so I am definitely going to try other ones and see how they tastes like


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