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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Canned Beans

This is one of my favourite items to purchase on my shopping list at the moment (especially because of the cost of living crisis we are all experiencing at the moment)Tin of beans is not only a fantastic item based on the nutrition information, but also cheap to buy. I tend to buy a very popular well known brand, however any tin of beans will do really. It should not cost no more than a £1 ($1.21 ) for a tin of beans. So let us delve into beans further and let me explain why beans should be on your shopping list!
First of all beans mainly comes from Southern Africa and Parts of South America. They come from the legume family in a variety colours and shapes, and names. Types of beans include kidney, cannellini, chickpeas, as well as runner beans. They are found naturally within plants in the ground, and does not come from an animal source. Beans are fantastic for vegetarians and vegans. For these consumers it is ideal to consume a variety of beans, to ensure that there is sufficient nutrients consumed daily. 
Beans generally contains the following nutrients, which I will explain in detail:

Protein- These are Macronutrients which supports with new cell production, and also to repair when the cells are broken down, they also support with the production and growth of muscles. 

Fat- Fat is needed to help with the support of producing energy, and to assist with the protection of vital organs, including the liver and the kidneys. 

Carbohydrates- also an important macronutrient, which helps to keep the body moving, especially when we are sleeping. We need enough carbohydrates for us to keep our bodies going. Each persons carbohydrate intake is different depending on our age, lifestyle etc. For example the carbohydrate intake for a 75 year old would be different for a carbohydrate intake for a 30 year old, due to various activities and lifestyles.   

Calcium- This is part of the mineral family which helps to support with strong bones and teeth. 

Magnesium- this supports with the chemical reactions that happens in the body, for example supporting with muscle and nerves, to make sure that these are working properly, including making sure that the heart functions properly, and with the maintenance of sugars when we consume food at mealtimes. 

Phosphorus- similar to calcium they also help with the formation of strong bones and teeth, and like protein support with the growth and repair of new cells. 

Beans are very easy to prepare and can take no longer than between 5 to ten minutes to cook them (depending on the meal and the type of beans)

I love baked beans as they take no longer than 5 minutes to cook. As you can see from the pictures I used them to add to a baked potato, or with toast. 

Meal planning for the week ahead can be overwhelming, If canned beans are on hand, all is right in the world (or at least, the kitchen). Versatile, sustainable, and a delicious source of plant-based protein, legumes form the backbone of countless meals throughout the week, from breakfast to dinner. And no, it’s not all just soup.  There’s a wide spectrum of canned beans to love, from hearty chickpeas and creamy cannellini beans to hearty black beans and baked beans. All of them are worth incorporating into your weekly bean routine to create a wide array of delicious, good-for-us meals with minimal fuss. Think: hearty salads, satisfying pastas, cozy chili, and even unbelievably moist brownies.   Open up a wide world of benefits. The benefits of adding beans into your weekly cooking rotation go far beyond deliciousness, convenience, affordability, and versatility. Beans are a sustainable source of plant-based protein and fibre with a much smaller carbon footprint than animal-based proteins like milk and meat. Plus, they’re stored in an infinitely recyclable can that saves water and energy.   But also: flavour first. Whether you’re a devoted vegan or true carnivore, we’re all looking for pantry staples that do more with less. Beans can build upon any base of flavour, from cumin-scented Mexican tacos to tomatoey Tuscan stews, becoming the sleeper hit of winter comfort food and summer barbecues alike. And unlike dried beans, the canned stuff cuts down on cook time, making it easier to get meals on the table with minimal fuss



  1. When I found out I had diabetes, I started eating differently. I had a hard time getting used to it. But in a short amount of time, I noticed positive results. I am feeling more active, and my blood sugar is stable. I sincerely appreciate you sharing this post; It was instructive and helpful.

  2. I was looking for vegan recipes online and came across your blog because I wanted to return to a vegan diet for a while and eat well for my digestive system. I am so grateful for this! Canned beans are great! They are delicious and an excellent addition to a wide variety of dishes.


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