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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

 I am actually shocked I have not published a blog post on this! As I use the watch practically everyday it has become a big part of my life to be honest, and wear this without fail! 

I hope you enjoy this particular post and let me know in the comments box your thoughts and ideas. 

Not sure if you all remember my blog post about the Mi Band 4, (I will put the link here: Mi Band 4 Review) I felt ready to purchase a newer watch that had more features, including recording, measuring some of the exercises that I do, provide more information on the heart rate, sleep amongst others. I could have had the top brand watches like the Apple or Samsung watch, but I truly believed that there were other brands that could be better or that could compete with these. I already had the Mi Band 4 which I loved, so I thought I would stick with the same brand family and look for a newer version. I came across the Mi Band 6 on amazon, I will put the link here: Mi Band 6  

It had great reviews when I saw this, and I thought about making the purchase and see how it goes. It costed £50, which was at least half of the price of the Samsung, and I am sure the apple watch would have costed much more. The watch arrived within 5 days and overall I was delighted with the purchase. 


The watch is small and cute I would say, it is quarter the size of the Samsung S20 plus phone, made up of two parts; the band which holds all of the data, and then the strap which is interchangeable and can also be purchased on amazon on this link: Mi Band 6 Strap  

The strap has 13 holes so it can fit a wide variety of wrists, and it is comfortable to wear. The only criticism I have is that it does get a bit sweaty after a long period of time on the wrist, but the interchangeable straps would help to resolve this issue and would help to improve the wear on the wrist, by changing the straps twice daily.  

The band:

So this is where all of the data is collated and stored, on this very tiny band (I hope this is what it is called) 

The following are the types of data on that band that are collected:


Heart Rate

Oxygen Levels







Stepometer- The watch tracks every step, and also when the Xiamoi app is downloaded (more about this shortly) you can also track the location, including where you have walked. This is a great motivation tool to increase the daily steps. 

Heart Rate- The watch records the heart rate 24 hours a day. This is great as say you are going for a workout, or any exercise the heart rate will increase, which is recorded on the watch, and tracked over certain amount of hours, and days via the app. The best time to record the functionality of the heart is the minute we wake up in the morning. As the watch is worn throughout the night, it records our heart rate, and again this can give an accurate result. The watch records the Resting Heart Rate (RHR for short) so this is the period where the heart does not make any effort to get the blood moving around the body, which is also recorded on the watch. To increase our RHR is to exercise including walking. I have previously shared the importance of exercise on my previous posts , the links are here:


Oxygen Levels: 

Oxygen levels works hand in hand with the heart to ensure sufficient blood and oxygen is supplied to the whole body. The watch monitors this, and again the figures are shown on the app. 

Sleep: The watch monitors how many hours of sleep is recorded. This will also include the number of hours the body is in deep sleep mode. This aim of sleeping is to try to be in this particular mode, as the whole body is completely switched off from the world. Light sleep mode is not ideal, as the body is asleep but still "awake and aware of its surroundings" (if that makes any sense) We should also try to get as much sleep as we can, around 8 hours a night is preferable, but 6 to 7 is considered average. Less than 6 hours of sleep is not recommended as this is not enough time for the body to wind down, and rest, after a hard days work. 

Notifications: Various messages that you need to be aware of will appear on the watch, including if the battery needs to be charged 


Stress is recorded on the watch (via the heart rate) which is then populated onto a graph. The graph indicates the stress levels over the course of the hours. The higher the figure the more stressed we are, which is demonstrated on the graph.


This is in relation to the oxygen and the heart rate levels. The more efficient our oxygen and heart rate levels are, the more efficient our breathing becomes, which is important, making sure we supply enough oxygen into the body with the nutrients that we need. 


The watch can track the weather forecast for next four days, using the location on the watch.  


The watch has various gym equipment labelled that can be applied when recording our exercises. For example at the gym if I am using the treadmill, I will add the workout tool treadmill on the watch, and it will start recording the time, and the heart rate. When this is complete this is also recorded on the app. Eventually the app can track the various exercises that are done, including the time and the date periods. The workouts on the watch does not have everything, just the popular types which are listed here:

  • Treadmill
  • Indoor cycling
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Freestyle
  • Rowing machine
  • Elliptical machine 
If there is an exercise that I have done that is not listed on here, I just input the type "Freestyle" on the watch. Despite the limited exercises on the watch this is a great incentive to increase our workouts and the effort it takes to do this, which can improve our lifestyle. 

As I mentioned before the watch has an app which complements this and can be downloaded from Google Play onto a mobile phone or a tablet which I use. After a a few days of collated data on the watch, I sync the watch on the app so that the data can be transferred, which then provides more space on the watch to collect more data. 

So there you have it, in comparison to the previous watch I had, I would say that this is far better, as everything is interlinked (heart rate, sleep, oxygen, stress) so if one part is affected, the others will also be affected, and again this will show on the app, which is great. 

I would recommend this watch as a great starting point for a lifestyle journey, especially for the price. I paid £50 in 2021 , and I am sure that this will be cheaper as of now. So why not give this a try and let me know how you find this! `