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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Deliveroo Review- ASK

 I feel like it is that time for another takeaway review! So if you remember from my previous blog posts, when I do post about food it is usually from the meals that I have made, or have shop bought a takeaway meal. I have actually never reviewed a takeaway from an app like Just Eat, Uber Eats etc. I have accounts for those but also Deliveroo. Now I usually use Deliveroo mostly (dont ask why I am really unsure) and when I do order a cheeky takeaway I tend to get the same items, Fish n chips, Curry, Wraps. So I thought I would break the cycle, make the change and try something new. I was scrolling through the different Restaurants on the app, and came across ASK. ASK mainly is pasta based meals. It does help that I have eaten at their restaurants, so kind of aware of their meals, and how it tastes. This gave me the reason to go for their meal, and was very hungry that day. I had a look through their menu, and the spaghetti meatballs really jumped at me, as especially not tried that before, and from my previous comment, I have had meals from ASK, which tasted great. I decided to go for that, then I fancied a desert, which was cheesecake. There was others however I do love cheesecake and there was nothing else that was beating that to be honest. 

The time it took to order this and the delivery was within 30 minutes, which I have to say is great, especially as I was hungry, and just found out within 5 minutes of ordering that I actually had no food in the place (plus there was no way I was leaving to go to the shop at 8pm!)

The food was hot when it arrived, which again is positive, of course Cheesecake was cold (cant have hot cheese cake ha ha !!) 

The pasta meatball was really nice, they provided extra parmesan cheese (which is an extra cost by the way £1) as I felt that this would improve the flavour a lot more. The meal was not salty at all, which is positive. Yesterday I ordered Ravioli from an alternative Italian place, and to be honest that was the saltiest meal I have ever had. There is nothing wrong with salt in food, but we need to be aware that there is added salt in many of the foods that we eat, including bread, cereals, takeaway foods, tinned food amongst others. So it is important for us to monitor the amount of salt we consume. There is nothing wrong with salt, salt is good for us, it helps to regulate water and minerals in the body. Salt is also good for food products, as it helps to extend the shelf life of certain food, as well as adding flavour of course! 

The body can run into problems if there is too much salt in the body. Too much salt may lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Salt (also called sodium chloride, which is made up of 60% chloride , 40% sodium) has a great affect on the kidneys in particular . When we consume more salt, the kidneys hold onto the extra water to try and dilute the salt (this is why we become more thirsty when we have more salt) This then increases the volume of blood in the bloodstream, increased blood volume means more work on the heart and pressure on the blood vessels. 

The recommended amount of salt intake per day is 6 grams per day, but a lot of the foods we consume have salt already and it is easy to rack up to that figure, so my advice would be to try and check the labels on items when shopping, choose items which have a lower salt content, and finally flavour foods with herbs and spices instead. 

The cheese cake tasted gorgeous, it was creamy soft, airy and smooth, but I could not finish this, and saved the rest for the following day. The meatballs had great flavour, and as stated before it was not salty, and loved it very much. 

As of the 24th June, I checked on the Deliveroo app to re order from ASK, and it was no longer available, so have to check UberEats and Just Eat to find ASK on there. 



  1. I’m a sucker for pasta, but I’ve never heard of Deliveroo or ASK. I like trying new delivery apps to see what options they have I might have to try this one out if it exists where I live.


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