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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Last few days before Christmas.....

You will have noticed that I have not posted in over two weeks, things have become quite hectic over the last few weeks (good things) and had just ran out of time to post on here. This has led to me being stressed again, and I needed a well earned rest. As you will know I regularly do and practise my daily affirmations. This is really important for me when things are becoming hectic or challenging. I looked at todays affirmation and it was a really nice one, and felt it was a great choice for a blog post.

The post is about doing your best every day, regardless of what we do. We never know what tomorrow will bring us, so it is always great to just seize the day with the opportunities that come our way. If people does not like it the main point is that you gave it your best shot, and if you are proud of what you have achieved, then I am sure you do not need someone to give you a pat on the back!

I have been posting on my blog for the last ten years, when I decided to set up a blog, I had no idea what direction it was going to go, or where it would end up. I set it up to share my knowledge and skills. I definitely did not want someone to give me credit or to tell me thank you. It was what I wanted to do, and I just acted on this. 

Sometimes we just have to go with our gut feeling, and if it feels right then who cares what people think, lets be honest. 

That affirmation was from Katie Pipers new book "A little bit of faith". This is a daily affirmation for 365 days of the year. Every day when I wake up, I read her affirmations to get me started for the day, and really gives me that motivation. I have put the link to her book here: 

Katie Piper