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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Learning and Development

 Being a Registered Nutritionist is something that I really cherish and I am proud of. I have been registered with the Association of Nutrition (AFN) since 2010, when it all began. I had not long finished University, and I was looking to develop my skills, knowledge and experience within the field. AFN has been a great support with helping me do this. They advertise courses on their website (for Registered Nutritionists only) where this is CPD certified. This ensures that the attendees are going to learn something that will help them with their line of work, especially where there is a science element to this. Nutrition and science are closely linked together, and I discuss this when speaking to clients. It is so important to have a science background, otherwise how can we ensure that the clients are receiving the best service? Science is the backbone in nutrition, and is evolving all the time, this can take any shape and form. An example of this is sustainability. Clients (from a personal perspective) are thinking about the food choices that they are making. They want to cut down on eating foods which is from an animal, but at the same time still get that nutritional balance. How can we help them be in the best health, as well as make these changes? So this requires learning, researching and going on further study. As I mentioned earlier AFN advertises courses where this meets their CPD standard, but it is also up to the Nutritionists, as well as myself to make sure that the courses they and I go on, would meet their and my  standards, which  would benefit them, myself and the clients. If we do not learn, and develop, it would become difficult to keep up with the ever changing life of Nutrition, News and the World. Going back to climate change, that is a huge topic especially in nutrition. As I said before carnivores does contribute to pollution, and green house gases, there are new foods being made , which tastes similar to meat products, and are not meat all.  I mentioned this is in my previous blog, which I have linked below:

Naked without the oink

However there is still  more work to do within this, but it will get better and better. When it does, we can all have the opportunity to consume a plant based diet, not detriment our health and save the planet. But this is not my topic discussion, my discussion is learning.  We get to this point through trial and error, making mistakes, things going wrong. But we have to keep learning and developing so that we can become he best person we can. If us as Nutritionists do not do this, how can we help others? 

Being with the AFN is important so that clients know that they will be receiving  the best service, and again AFN puts on courses for their own members, which I am also part of, and proud to do. I love inspiring other members to become the best that they can be. We have been running courses for our members for a few years now and it is great to see the different work that our members do across the board, from working in food manufacturing, animal nutrition, sports nutrition, and in the community, especially during the Covid -19 pandemic. It is also been great to share ideas, new innovation, new products, which would again benefit the Nutritionist and the client. AFN is all about the client, that is the drive and the aim. 

Just like me, and the other members it is also good for all of us to learn, and develop as a person, it does make us to become better and increase our confidence. 

if you want to know more about the AFN this is the link below: