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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Breakfast is King

 I went out recently to eat with a friend for breakfast. I had a full English breakfast, which is made up of mushrooms, poached egg, baked beans, vegan sausage, bacon, hash browns, and black pudding. I was really hungry that morning, and did not eat properly the night before. I felt so much better, and my mood improved a little after I ate all that food

Looking at the picture again I would not that again, not because the meal was bad, far from that. The food was far too much, the portions was excessive. Portion control is really important, not only because of weight control but also we do not need to take in excessive amounts of saturated fat, salt and sugar. 

If I was to have that meal again I would remove the black pudding, bacon, sausages and the bacon. I would keep the poached egg, toast, beans and mushrooms. Mushrooms contains the fat soluble vitamin D, which is used to give healthy bones and teeth. Mushrooms also contains vitamin B, which is used to protect the nervous system, and to support the breakdown of fats, carbohydrates and proteins. Baked beans is great for fibre, which is beneficial for the function of the bowel. Eggs are great for protein (building new cells/muscle) and vitamin D. The mushrooms and the baked beans also counts towards two of  the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. The toast and the hash browns contains carbohydrates which is great to give energy for the day, which is required for the challenges ahead.  

The quality of the breakfast is also important as that can determine what we have for the rest of the day, but also what we had the night before. If we went for a all night alcoholic booze, then there is a high likelihood that the breakfast would be not the best of choices. Another example is when we eat early in the evening, but then do not eat again until around midday the next day. Then again there is a high chance that again the breakfast would not be the best choice. 

I recommend to go for high fibre cereals for breakfast, for example muesli, granola (but check the sugar content in them, as some can be high) another great cereal to have (and this is what I have) is porridge. This is a fantastic meal, packed full of fibre and vitamins. They come in all choices, flavours, but also you can make your own if you want, add in some fruit or seeds (or both) 

Granary/brown/seeded toast is also a great option. I have mine with almond/cashew butter to add in the extra fibre. Chocolate spreads I would try to avoid due to the high sugar content. 

It would be great to hear what you have for breakfast? Does this change on a daily basis? Do you go out to eat for breakfast? or have this at home? Let me know your thoughts