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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Protein Shakes

I am sorry but I really had to write this blog post as I have recently seen an influx of juices, smoothies, shakes, or anything blended, which seems that it is a great alternative to eating healthy food. There was a particular article in a very popular newspaper which was advertising one of these shakes, and use the idea of lockdown because we are far too busy to go to the shops, cook or eat food. But that is ok because this shake has all the vitamins and minerals that will help you get through the day? I mean really?? I still cant believe we live in a world that this type of advertising is allowed. We all know that shakes can never replace a good meal, and this shake costed £50. I am not sure how often this is, but lets be honest its quite expensive anyway. Plus because they say it is approved by Nutritionists, I then look them up, and they do not have the scientific background many of them, so it is like how do they know what they are talking about?? Nutrition itself has full of science detail, for example how does food digest when we consume them, and how is this converted into nutrients? Another one is food labelling, how do we read this? what does that mean?  There are many many scientific information that we really need but it is not available unless we see a Registered Nutritionist who really knows their stuff, and can give the support and guidance whatever you need. They (myself included) will never recommend you shakes/smoothies etc as an alternative to eating a balanced diet. Balanced diet will provide all the nutrients you need for the day. A shake or smoothie will never replace that. It may be good for the short term, but for long term, definitely not. Each nutrient has recommended intakes that a person needs per day, based on their body type called reference intake. As as life changes, and has its challenges we need to consume more nutrients than others. So sometimes we need a little support to meet those recommendations again. So tablets are ideal in this situation, but make sure that this is not seen as a meal replacement, it is actually meant to perform better with a balanced meal combined. 

I have also been offered various tablets/shakes/ smoothies to promote to clients over the years, because they believe they are amazing. I always try them first, and it never lives up to my expectations anyways so have given up on them. I take perfectil hair, skin and nails mainly because of my thinning hair. I have been taking it for the last few years and I would strongly recommend it. Its around £7 for the small box, or £20 for the bigger box. However the bigger box you would have to take two tablets each day; the small box it is only the one tablet a day. To be honest the small box is suitable because the tablet is easier to swallow, the bigger box, the tablets are larger which can be off putting personally. It has all the nutrients that you need including Iron, Vitamin D (no it does not fight Covid 19, that will be my next blog post!) calcium and folic acid (and yes we need folic acid if starting a family is not on the agenda currently) Of course they are many tablets out there including the supermarket own brands which is cheaper, so whatever is best for you. I buy these from Superdrug which the link is here: Superdrug

Now I am not stating here to not take shakes, but take tablets instead, I am advising that we should all be eating a balanced diet. This should be easier now because if you are working from home, we can walk to the nearest shop, buy food, cook them, and there is a healthy meal ready. The other alternative is to do a food delivery service, where the ingredients are delivered to your door, the recipe is included, and you cook the meal. All in all you are receiving a healthy meal, instead of drinking those shakes.



  1. I’m in agreement to actually eat well balance meals along with your fruits and veggies. Large amounts of protein are hard on your kidneys. Research has shown that protein shakes can speed up kidney disease for people with CKG(Chronic Kidney Disease). And the fruit smoothies? I like an occasional fruit smoothie, but fruits have a lot of natural sugar. When you blend fruits and drink in one gulp, you’re going to get a sugar rush, which can actually make you gain weight. Plus you lose a lot of the fiber in smoothies. Whole foods are the way to go.


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