Pressing the restart button

Apologies for being quiet for the last few weeks. I have had a serious bad cold, to the point where I felt less motivated to do anything at all. I spent that thinking, and thinking what is my purpose? What do I want to do, enjoy? what are the things that I can change?
I then had a light bulb moment. Find a goal that I can focus on, track my progress, look at it, re assess it, and then find out the ways that I can change this. 
Since lockdown, I did not do any exercise at all, I did go for a walk, but to be honest I was not fulfilled . I needed something that will keep me going, especially during covid , which we all know is a really difficult time, for everybody but for myself included. Not being to see the people I care for, being weary if they have it etc. 
So, the gym I realised is my happy place, the place where I can focus, start again from the beginning. Not being into pressure. But the end result is amazing, the endorphins moving though my body. My end goal is the weight loss, the inches lost, and to get that back of being me again. 
I have only been going for a few weeks now, but I feel great already,  and slowly ready for a new challenge. 


  1. Hope you are feeling better after having a bad cold. You have inspired me to press the restart button in my life as well.


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