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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Stay at home....

so as i am sure that we are well aware that the corona virus epidemic has really swept us, emotionally, financially and mentally. Currently at the moment as i am typing this i am enclosed in a small room. We have been in lockdown now for i think three days. I have never gone through anything as challenging as this. everywhere i go there is always obstacles, for example when i go to the shops, there is limited food. So i have to buy what i can, but then at the same time money is limited. I have to see my friends by phone only, as we cannot go and visit them, including family. Living alone is tough especially during this time. I am currently watching the kids play outside. For them the schools are closed, so they cannot see their friends, learning at home can be tricky for both them and their parents. so everywhere i see, even the streets, all affected by corona.  

overall what i am trying to do to keep me going is to think to myself to stay positive.  Touch wood is that i do not have the virus. Watching cases on the news sounds and looks absolutely horrendous. This is why it is so so important to stay home, and only leave when absolutely necessary. This virus is dangerous, and seeing deaths rising rapidly is crazy and sad. We only have one health at the end of the day, and that is the most important thing from anything else.
i also want to use the opportunity to thank our wonderful NHS for fighting this virus, the long hours and the stress, they definitely deserve a massive thank you .
stay safe and stay home 



  1. In every bad situation there is something good, during this period i learned how much unnecessary things i was buying. Hope that when this all finishes i will not go back to old habits.

  2. I am really struggling with all this, especially when it comes to money. I am scared for my job if this continues for more months and it doesn't seem that this will pass soon.

  3. I don't go out even when this is not a situation, so it is almost normal to me. I just hope that it will not last more than 3 months, that would get really annoying.

  4. During this hard time i managed to broke my hand as well. And i was pleasantly surprised how they took care of me in the hospital. There is still hope. I pray for all of us, may this go away soon.

  5. Since this all with corona started i am planting vegetables and flowers like crazy, soon my balcony will look like a jungle.

  6. I am so busy with trying to make my kids learn at home that i basically have no time for anything else. If this persists i might lose my mind soon. How do you people do it?

  7. It really bugs me when i can't see my friends. We have been together every day for 28 years and i didn't see them in 30 days. I really want this corona stuff to be over.

    1. We are nearing the end hopefully (fingers crossed) however just remember that your health is your main priority, if you do not have that you have nothing else.


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