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January can be a really difficult month for some people, especially me. I usually have no money after Christmas/ sales/ food etc. Also as there are 5 weeks in this month, it can really be dragging. In that I have tried to make myself useful, and to try and be in the moment, including catching up with friends, but also trying to do new things. I recently went to a wellbeing course , and it was teaching us about the importance of self care. This is so key as confirming what the trainer advise, if you are not well how can we be well for other people?
It's really important to practice self care so that stress and anxiety does not get the better of us, including myself.
The trainer also discussed some of the many ways we can practice this. One of them I am interested in is a massage. I have never had one for a really long time. After the talk I booked my first appointment for a massage. I am really excited about this. I will definitely blog about my experience in a few weeks.
Another moment I have done to keep me going during January is devising a healthy lifestyle programme. This is completely free and I will be adding in handouts on there too.
To access this go to this website:

Add in this code: egua3tt

Then you have joined!!

Look forward to seeing you at the course



  1. I look forward to reading more about this topic on your blog. Every December i decide that in January i will do my best to get healthy and work hard and every time I end up laying down worrying about my life.

    1. Don't worry Joel we all relapse at some point and another. It is just looking at what went wrong and building from there

  2. I never in my life had a massage, and I learned that its the only way of relieving cortisol from the body. You encouraged me into getting one for myself as well.

  3. I didn't go to massage in a long period. You made me realise how much I am missing and how good it was when I did go. I need to make an appointment.

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  5. I'm getting to a point in my life where I am constantly seeking self improvement. I love finding like-minded people. This blog is very inspirational.


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