Happy New Year

Hope 2019 was a good year for you, but if like me it was up and down, well at least that can change in 2020.
This year I am really focusing on what changes I can make, especially if things does not go to plan.

So to start this I have recently bought a new sweetener. Not sure if you know but I am a sugarholic. Love love sugar, so had way too much over the festive period. To kick off 2020 I decided to try this sugar alternative. It tastes great, it doesn't have that kick of sugar but it has a hint of sweetness in a really clever way. It costed me £2.90 for a small pack but it should last me a couple of weeks, as I only have one cup of tea a day. The rest of the day I drink only water (well mainly)



  1. I am cleaning my body from the sugar as well, I am a sugarholic too. I bought stevia and I don't like the taste, I need to try out some other as well.

  2. How did you like it? Does it have a specific taste like some sweeteners? I am currently looking for something new as well. I need to cut down the sugar.


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