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Registered Associate Nutritionist

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Where have I been?

Just to start off I know that I have completely disappeared from sight for over a month, but I really wanted to take time out and just go and do things that are out of the ordinary. During my absence I have been taking pictures of my trips really taking in the views of the lovely weather we have had recently in London. I have been doing a lot of walking , visiting friends and family and really catching up on gossip ha ha ha!

Now I am actually back now, I feel relaxed, chilled and ready for the next few months of challenges and also excitement .
So below are the pictures of my recent walking trips that I did. 
This also comes at a great time where next week is mental health awareness so I think this post really relates to that.

1. The first picture that I took was in London Fields, it was 28 degrees that day and I walked for an hour round the park. I do really enjoy walking when I get the chance, great exercise also

2. The second walk that I did was in Victoria Park over the Bank holiday, really didn't realise the views and lovely weather can impact on the great picture that was taken.


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