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You may have heard in the media that high intakes of meat can cause cancer.  I have read a report produced by SACN (scientific advisory body of clinical nutrition)  based in the UK, which stated that high intakes of meat causes cancer. The report advises that taking extra steps can and will help reduce other types of cancers as well, including cardio vascular diseases, bowel cancers, and others. It can also help to maintain a healthy weight as well.

Below are steps which you should take to reduce these cancers, but also to maintain the recommended intake of meat (which should be no more than 70g a day)

  • When purchasing meat, look at the type of meat. a lean pork leg joint , which is roasted contains a quarter of the fat, compared to a pork belly joint
  • Check the labels and always go for the lower fat options
  • Go for turkey and chicken without the skin, as they contain lower amounts of fat.
  • Pastry based foods like pies, sausage rolls, cornish pastry all conatin high amounts of fat.
hope this helps, feel free to comment if you like!

Francesca Uhegbu
Associate Nutritionist
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