Importance of preparing meals in advance

Happy advent everyone or Happy December. So to really get in the holiday mood and to do the final few weeks left of December, and of the year !!! ( Eeek!!) I decided to start meal preparing again. This is good because you are less likely to buy unhealthy stuff, and Even if you make too much food, it can go in the freezer, which is great because if like me sometimes I cannot be bothered to cook. I can get out the meal again from the freezer, defrost it fully, and then cook it.

The picture I have attached is vegetarian shepherd pie. Recipe to follow in my next post



  1. Hmmm. Shepherd pie! Yummy! I totally love it. I can't wait for the recipe as I'll love to see how others prepare theirs which I'm sure is quite different from mine. I'm definitely looking out for something new.

  2. Yeah, I also just started on the habit of cooking enough to store in the freezer. It saves time and the good thing is that, the food still tastes as fresh as new whenever you bring it out for serving.


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