Mental health awareness-happy

Today I was on my feet practically the whole day!! I did not stop at all. Because of this my feet was absolutely killing me. So I thought I'd treat myself to some lip/hand/nail cream to reward myself for my hard work today. Doing things like treating yourself gives confidence to motivate us sometimes in order to get us through the day. I do not at all mean reward yourself everyday, but when you know that you did something very challenging and it was very last minute or very out of the box (like my post right now!!) It is definitely time to reward yourself. This could be anything like going for a meal with friends, clubbing when you have had a busy week at work, or even a night in watching a very interesting movie. Doing something that is rewarding to you will keep that confidence going. 

Below is from soap and glory and it is priced at £5 from Boots in case you were interested. 


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