On the mend...

Following on from my previous blog about keeping well whilst not being 100 percent. I completely forgot to take a picture of my tomato sauce and my spaghetti bolognaise  meal . Never mind but however i quickly do mackerel with vegetables and potato waffles. 
Whenever i cook i always make too much so any left i always keep in in the freezer to keep for a few weeks. As i made this on tuesday after friday i will freeze if there is any leftover. So whenever we are feeling no 100 percent try and drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest but most importantly eat well, so that we have a greater chance of fighting the flu or the symptoms. 
Because of this i have used this experience do use the samsung health app which i have downloaded. This is available to download on itunes or google play whichever phone you have. 


  1. Lol..
    I thought I was the only one that loves leaving left overs in the freezer. It just helps me get a dish quickly when the hunger strike calls.

  2. This is really great and timely. I have also heard about the Samsung Health app and how it's presently helping everyone get to the mark in fitness. I read about it in your previous blog as well and I think I may need to give it a shot.

  3. There are many interesting elements that play in Samsung health app and the addition of new wearable, heart rate functions and third-party applications.


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