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Not sure if you remember but I did a post previously (really cannot remember when I did it, but bear in mind I have been posting since 2011!!)
About the importance of drinking water. I started drinking an extra half a litre of water a day. But something made me have a light bulb moment. So I went food shopping at one of my favourite food shop, Asda!! And I noticed that a bottle of 6 1litre bottles of water costed £2. But a 4 , 2 litre bottles of water was £1.19p.
Wow so if I bought the 4 litre bottles not only would I be saving money but I would be also increasing my water intake, as I would be drinking an extra half a litre or even a litre a day. So I decided to buy this and make a change. I am currently aiming at drinking this bottle every day, but it is so so hard. There are times where it is bedtime and I look at the bottle and feel that I have not drank enough at all. This then motivates me to keep trying to increase the water intake a little bit more. Today I have drank a litre as the water level is halfway, I know that the picture is not clear but I did check it before I posted.
I am really thankful for seeing a gap there where I can save money but at the same do something that will improve my Health, skin and my body, so I am really happy.

Happy drinking!!


  1. Water is very important to our health. I have known this for a long and that is why i have set a daily target for myself as well. It's been helping anyway.
    Keep it up Fran; you have a great blog here!

  2. My doctor has also told me once that it's good to drink enough water and keep myself hydrated as much as possible everyday. My major challenge is that i often don't feel like taking water and I actually don't know how to go about getting motivated to do so. Can you help?


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