national vegetarian week

wow i cant believe it has been over two weeks since i last blogged. I Have been so so busy never mind. well hopefully it will not happen again. i am aiming to blog about twice a week so that would be ideal.

anyway i was aiming to speak to you about national vegetarian week. this happened last week but i do not think it matters because it is important to raise awareness of the many millions of vegetarians who live in our world.

there is an assumption that being a veggie is unhealthy but this is far from the truth. supermarkets are now producing veggie friendly food that provides a balanced diet for all veggies. so why not be a veggie for a day? and some veggie friendly options?

if you have a look at this website:

it is packed full of info about life as a veggie and also there is the opportunity to try their tasty recipes!!

have a look :)


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