Product Review " This is not Bacon"

 Hey everyone

Yes it is another product review here. This week I decided to review another vegan bacon. I am not sure if you remember but I reviewed "naked without the oink". naked without the oink

It was the vegan version of bacon. It was a great product but it had a high salt content, click the link above to have a read in further detail.  

I was looking at other vegan options and came across this item called  "This isnt bacon" As you already know, I am attracted to colours, and packaging. I have to admit I love the packaging, and the colour. It gives me straight to the point product with no messing about.  I was really looking forward to trying this product. 

Inside there are I think 12 vegan bacon strips in total, which is great because I personally think there is no need to cut this into pieces. If you are making a bacon sandwich, this can go straight into the frying pan, which saves on the washing up ha ha ha!! 

I used it to make a healthy breakfast with beans etc (picture attached) so lets discuss the taste? 

Well on the packet it states that it needs to be cooked for 5 minutes, but i cooked this for 10 minutes, with the other vegetables, including onions, garlic, tomatoes etc. It tasted like bacon, which I was surprised about, quite sweet taste actually. It was not as crunchy compared to actual bacon, or, the "naked without the oink" however overall I would state it tasted really nice. It is still pricey still, however I would state that it is worth it. 

Now for the nutritional information: 

As you can see on the traffic light labelling, (which I have discussed  on my old posts) the saturated fat, sugar and the total fat content has the colour green, which means it has low amount of these. The salt content has the colour label red, which means it has a high salt content. So I looked at the amount closely, it stated it has 0.6 grams of salt per 100g. I then looked at the salt content for the the oink product. That has 0.7 grams of salt, so I would say it has a slightly lower amount of salt in comparison to that item. The aim is to go for products that are preferably the colour yellow or green. Sometimes as we know this may not be possible, however if it does have a colour red on any of the nutrients,  it does not mean that product is bad overall.  Look at this product, we are forgetting that there is a low fat, saturated fat and sugar content. Despite the high salt content, it did not taste salty at all, which for me that is a positive point because I do not like food that tastes far too salty (unless it is ready salted crisps though ha ha !!)

I would recommend this, for a meat free alternative to bacon, for more details , click here on the tesco website, where I purchased it from  This is not bacon


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