Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone!

I know that I am a bit late to the new year wishes, but things have been a little manic as usual, but its better late than never as they say ha ha !
So as in my previous post I am keen to discuss other topics ,  all part of the wellness journey. As you know which I mention countless times, I am a practising Nutritionist, and promote all things health to everyone. So what better way to promote a nutritional topic, but at the same time, wellness as well. So this week's  topic is teeth!
Now you are probably thinking why is teeth related to nutrition and wellness? well here it goes, and hopefully all makes sense, and everything comes together. 
Teeth defines our smile, our personality as well as bringing out our inner confidence. But just as any other part of our body we have to look after it as well. I do not know about you but since the pandemic I have not been looking after it to be honest, with eating more sweets, chocolate, alcohol etc, due to the ever change of lockdown rules, (As of the 4th January 2021 the UK went into lockdown, with no announcement of when this will end) as well as including losing motivation at some times as well. I was reading a magazine article and a lady was explaining the importance of oral health, and it gave me a lightbulb moment. It was very true. So over the last few weeks, I have really taken the oral health up a notch. I changed my toothbrush from an electric to a sonic one, and then now I have also purchased a water flosser. I wanted to give a review on the water flosser, because lets be honest we all know the importance of brushing teeth twice a day, regularly visiting the dentist/hygienist (I know in some places this is not happening, which is why I really wanted to write this topic) but have we ever thought of water flossing? For me I did not until I read this article. So when we eat, certain food can become stuck on, or in between our teeth, and this leads to bacteria forming, which can lead to gum disease, and then tooth loss, as well as decaying the tooth enamel. Flossing can help to reduce this. I tried flossing but found it a bit challenging, as I had to remember to do this after every meal, and I did keep forgetting all the time!
The article stated about water flossers, which I was quite keen on, as I can use this in the bathroom, and when I need to go to the bathroom, it is there in my face, so will not forget to use to use it, and improve my dental health.
As I love Amazon, and use their service all the time, I decided to look for one on the website. I found this one as it had great reviews. 
It is called Atmoko, and the price I paid for it was £20, but I think it has increased to now £30. It is a usb charger water flosser, so no need to charge it until the need to recharge this again with a USB cord. It has four tips depending on what requirements you want from your teeth. My teeth are not great so I picked the one that cleans the teeth thoroughly, but there are choices of other tips as I mentioned. On the flosser there are three modes: normal, soft and pulse, again depending on what you would prefer. I use the normal mode and it really does clean the teeth. I use it for 2 minutes, and the first few days, there was blood coming from the teeth, but I realised that this will change over a couple of days, as the blood will disappear. At the bottom of the product that is where the water is placed in, so I fill it to the top, press the power button, and the flosser gets to work. 
I have been using this for the past few weeks, and I have to say it is great, for £20 this is definitely money well spent. My teeth feels cleaner and healthier after using this. This is not an immediate result, you have to use it for a while to notice results, and that is what I did, which is the reason I am discussing it here now. I would not have mentioned this, if I did not believe it is a great product. 
As I mentioned before oral health is just as  important as other parts of our body so why not try this for the new year? 
I have linked the product below, and attached some pictures so that you have it there as well
Please let me know what you think, would love to hear your comments 


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