Post Christmas review

Alot has happened since my last post so apologies, thats life for you, sometimes it can just sweep us off our feet without it coming. As we are all aware with what happened to all of us in 2020!! 
So yet another lockdown was announced on the 20th December. I still had presents to buy, wrap them etc. So I was running around, up and down, shop here and there. Then it was dropping them off at people's places, and then Christmas, which was fantastic. Saying to myself I will never eat, or drink like that ever again ha ha! but looking back, it was needed definitely after a very difficult year. 
So I am now just analysing , looking back (and forwards) on what I did,/ did not do. Then decided on a plan on what my aims and objectives are for 2021
So here it is:

  • More collaborative work- I feel like it is always me, me, me all the time, writing about my experiences, opinions. It would be nice to have someone else write on here their experiences, knowledge, and opinions on items, topics, discussions etc 
  • I am Nutritionist- I feel like I do not write this enough, I am unsure on this one, maybe I do, just need to justify this reason, maybe more posts nutrition related, and actually help people with this. It is a gift that is not shared enough I believe 
  • Giving back- again I do not discuss this at all either, very important to give back, whether is to charity or the local community, it is just that nice feeling when there is act of kindness, and not expecting anything back at all. 
    I am going to try and do these things for 2021, those are my resolutions. I do not like the name resolutions, I am just going to say I will try, because if not, I can then adapt this to another item, but still keep to the same aims and objectives. 
    I have an idea for my collaborative post already! but need to ask the person first before i just watch this space!


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