Mental health, lockdown and wellbeing

 As I am typing this there are rumours going round there is another lockdown looming around the corner here in the UK, which is sad, but at the same time, we know that the virus is rising rapidly. So important that we all look after ourselves at this challenging, and ever so changing times.  

As well as managing ourselves health, financial (well, that is so so hard, as we know) what about our mental health? 
For me 2020 , my mental health has been very up and down, to the point where sometimes I don't want to get up and do the things that I used to do. I have had to figure out how I can get back to my normal self, see friends, family, and other things i used to enjoy doing. I decided to go back to basics. That "thing" is comedy. I love a good comedy, really gets me going. The other day I watched bridesmaids, and i never laughed so hard for such a long time. Laughing brings happy endorphins, and then I feel motivated to do other things. The other "thing" I like to do is skin stuff, like buying different face masks and using them, relaxing with a comedy show, and chilling. The face mask I am using at the moment is two: L'oreal clay face mask, and then the soap and glory vitamin C mask. I feel my skin is dull as dishwater (laughing!) so these products are a great pick me up for me. This also includes a sock mask , which I bought from the shop called Superdrug, think it's great for the feet, it is coated with honey. I will mention it in my next post, and review it. 
So important mental health, so find things that you enjoy, and just roll with it, because we really not sure how long this pandemic will last for! 


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