New obesity strategy and Covid 19

I have just read a brief report that the UK Government has announced a plan to reduce obesity in the UK. It seems that they may have found a link between obesity and Covid 19. This is fantastic news as a Public Health Nutritionist. Over the last 12 years the rates of obesity has increased rapidly, plus the reduction of services due to austerity from the last Government did not help this. I am disappointed that it has taken a pandemic to take action when we know that obesity has existed for as long as I have been studying Nutrition, which is a long time now, but now is better than nothing isn't it?
So the plans include more weight management programmes, ban on advertising junk food on the TV, clearer calorie labelling in restaurants and caf├ęs.

What I want from this is more emotional support towards food, yes we know certain foods are not great, but why do we actually eat them? It's more the relationship of the food, is this going to be actioned?

Will the ban include social media? You Tube? Tick Tock?

But this announcement is amazing and I hope that this will reduce deaths from obesity related diseases


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    1. Laura Bush thanks so much for your kind words, much appreciated xxx

  2. Nice info! Will definitely check out that link.


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