Supplement advice and support

I was reading this article below:

Here is my take on this, supplements are great if we are unable to get certain nutrients in our bodies. However my concern is that this can be seen as a way of not consuming foods, and seen as "it is fine I can take a supplement or a multivitamin"

Foods are fantastic as it is great opportunity to get as many nutrients as possible, if possible you can get away with not taking a multivitamin. But as we get older , diets change, lifestyles change, and that's where the supplement and the multivitamin comes into play.

It is really important to research the supplement you are looking at taking. How much does it cost, what tests has it gone through? What are you deficit in, will the supplement provide this?

These are the questions we have to think about

But of course expectant mothers are at risk of being deficit of folic acid, so it is highly recommended to take tablets for this.
There are other high risk groups who are advised to take supplements, overall it is really important to research and investigate further



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