Mental health awareness

The last few weeks has been a bit tricky for me, currently. Being in lockdown has been fine sometimes, with me listening and reading to the lovely comments, advise and support from yourselves, as well as from friends and family, the lockdown journey has been adaptable. However it all came to ahead the last few days, where i have had trouble sleeping, been tossing and turning, not sleeping till the early hours of the morning. Then when i do wake up, i am absolutely exhausted. Yesterday in particular i had so much to do, including chores. But i just left it, i just did not have the energy, and the motivation to do it. Just stayed in bed. 
Definately my aim for this week is to try and not get into that habit again, as i have been there before where i lack motivation, and the drive to do anything at all. First thing is to do more walks, looking at the weather for this week, its going to be really warm, so i am going to use this opportunity to do a bit of exercise, also my aim is to finish reading my book, americannah, which i posted about last time, oh and finally, Katie Piper daily affirmations, which are a joy to read as well of course!... actually let me read the statement for Monday 18th May: 

"Just because something is right for someone else, doesnt mean it has to be right for you"

Definitely agree with this one, we are all individuals, we do, talk, and do everything differently, Do what make you feel happy, not what makes other people happy, you only have one health at the end of the day. 


  1. As someone struggling with my own mental health issues, I greatly appreciate this article.


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