It is not all about weight

Funnily enough as I was typing this post it came out in the news that a famous personal trainer was criticising a famous singer for their weight and size.
Look I know that I keep discussing about this but as it is New Year I am really keen to change perspective and gears on this. Instead of being negative about weight/health / possible issues, why don't we embrace our bodies and be proud of it. Nobody is perfect at all. Myself included if I can list all the things that I wanted removed/ changed/made smaller or bigger then my post would be very long, and I am sure you wouldn't have the time to read all that. Being confident with ourselves ensures that we can work with what we have, and the things that we can improve on can take time and effort. It will happen but in small baby steps. Only do things that YOU want to do. DO NOT LET ANYBODY or ANYTHING tell you otherwise. It is all about confidence. I wished I had this a long time ago but I am now in a place where I am happy with my size and I don't care that my weight is increasing. I am happy at the end of the day, and that is all that matters

So nearly two years ago I weighed 70 kg

Rolling on to 2020 I have put on more weight. At the end of the day I am happy, my trousers have become tight a little bit, but I am in a place where I am confident, happy ,but also I do not feel pressured into being something I am not

It is not about the scales everybody ,it's about being happy in yourself. 



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