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In one my previous post just over a year ago now, I was discussing the Samsung health app. At the time for me personally it is a great app, however I have come across an app that I discovered at Christmas time last year. I have spent the last few months testing the app out, to the point now where I have actually subscribed to it because I really do love the app. So it is called Jillian Michaels, if you have never heard of her she is a personal trainer, and a very experienced one, as she has been doing this for such a long time. I actually saw her when she was doing the biggest loser, (which is a good programme) and have tried to follow her exercise regimes ever since then. So when she announced that she has designed an app on one of the clips on you tube, I was really excited. To be honest I was becoming bored of the exercises that I am currently doing and really needed a new challenge, so this new app was like a God send really! Having watched biggest loser when Jillian Michaels was supporting the contestants on the show I knew that her workouts would be a killer, and would really push me to my limits.

So let's discuss the app, well it's has lots of tailored exercise programs based on what you want, for example if you want a flatter stomach, toned arms, bikini body, or even if you are a beginner and just want to try something new, there is always something. I have tried the five keys , and now I have lost a dress size which I am really proud of. Again these can be performed anywhere, at home, gym or even outside, at the park etc, also no equipment is needed at all.
Another positive part of the app is Jillian demonstrates all the exercises on the video so you know how each one is meant to be performed, I have seen some apps where it is demonstrated but in frozen form so I become very confused on what I am doing and where.
Another great point is that every exercise has a beginner, intermediate and an advanced level depending on how challenging you want the programmes to be. So I started at beginner level, I am now at advanced. I can honestly say that my body feels more toned, and my waist is smaller compared to six months ago.
Another fantastic point is that there are tailored recipes for everyone, i.e omnivores, vegan, paleo, vegetarian as well as others, you just choose what you prefer.
There is a community group which you can join where other members support one another, and gives great advice.
If you are having any problems at all there is also a support helpline where you can email any queries you may have

I would really recommend this app, it has a seven day trial period, after that it is priced at £13 a month, so it is reasonable as gym costs £15 a month on average

The app is available on Google play and the apple App store

More information can be found here


  1. Sounds interesting! I’m vegetarian and sometimes I feel a bit left out as some fitness and health apps don’t have many options for me.

    How difficult did you find the beginner mode?

  2. The Jillian Michaels app has recipes for vegetarians so you should definitely check it out. The beginner mode was really challenging so would definitely start off on that and work your way up!!

  3. Thanks for this Fran. The app I am using currently is not helping much as the diet plans they recommend are more like Copied contents from popular sites. They didn't make it look customized to each section so I feel it's not going to work for everyone. I'll try out this one you recommend. It sounds just like something I'll enjoy.

  4. Yeah, some apps demonstrate some things in frozen forms leaving one very confused on what they are doing and where to even begin. But this one from Jillian is something I'm willing to give a try. Since I can also get personalized diet plans. I'm so up for it.

  5. Nice review! Thank you for your detailed commentary.


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