Almond milk review alpro soya

So another week another review of a product. So I saw this product on offer ( I love offers ha ha) it was down from £1.80 to £1. So I thought let me pick this up and try it.
I started using it in porridge and it tasted really nice. After a few days of having it I realised actually it tastes really sweet. I then looked at the sugar content and it's for me a bit surprising because I thought there really wouldn't hardly have any sugar in. It contained 2 grams per 100 grams.  The amount is fine it is not too high but don't forget that I usually have the other almond milk blue diamond almond breeze. The sugar amount in that one is zero. So compared to that it's a bit much for me personally, and again I found it really sweet.  It does tastes really nice but for me personally I am going to buy the unsweetened version and see how it tastes. So at the moment blue diamond almond breeze is still on top at the moment


  1. I usually find sweetened milk alternatives to be too much for my tastes. Some are nice, but much too sugary for everyday use - same brands taste like I’m drinking a milkshake!

  2. For someone like me who doesn’t really like sugary things, I think I'll stick to unsweetened milk products because I can't afford to have extra sugar in my blood and go all hyperactive.

  3. I love this particular alpro soya almond milk. It's tasty and most times I just buy it to drink alone because its taste is pretty nice. I also add it as a sweetener to smoothies I make using fruits that aren't having much sugar. The taste is divine and I love it.


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