Mental health awareness week

So today I decided to make tweaks to the foods that I have been buying. Simply because I really want to really focus on becoming the best person I can be, and when I feel at my best I feel alot more confident in myself

One change I have done is adding in almond milk into my diet. Almond has alot more protein, and calcium, but also it is great for Vegas and vegetarians. Finally it has less fat than skimmed milk. Price wise I feel that it is expensive at £.1.50 per 750ml. However you can get cheaper options as the supermarket has their own versions

So to mark the first day of mental health week why don't you make one change, it could be waking up an hour earlier than you usually would, or maybe going to bed earlier, or why not sign up for a class, gym, walking group. Making one tiny change can make alot of difference, and as well this can be the start of making more and more changes over a long period of 


  1. I’ve been trying to live mindfully. That is, being more present and living in the moment. I find I’m much less anxious and I generally feel happier overall. Taking steps to nurture our mental health is so important!

    1. Couldn't agree more, looking after our mental health is really important


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