Hey it's ok!

So why this strange post you are wondering? Well I saw this lovely G.U chocolate and vanilla cheesecake and I really couldn't resist it, plus also it was on offer for I think it was £2 for two.

Sometimes it's really nice to treat yourself , and also nothing is bad unless you are having it on a regular basis. Once in a while is absolutely fine. But again we have to really watch our portions because it's ok to have a treat now and again but if we having a very large amount of treats then we are consuming far excess amounts of fat, calories and sugar in one go.

If you see my pic below the portion is very small, so I am consuming a small amount of sugar, (compared to the other large amounts of treats out there, so in that way I am proud of that)

So my post today is it's ok to have a treat, and enjoy it

So why not have that glass of wine, chocolate, sweet or whatever you want to have


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