The science behind wellness event

It was so nice to be invited by a good friend of mine to attend this event at Regents street hosted by Lululemon

It was all about three really inspirational speakers discussing the importance of looking after ourselves which can help with becoming more confident within ourselves.

The speakers were Anita Mitra who advise on gynae issues,  (@gynaegeek)

Anjali Mahto , who is a dermatologist (@anjalimahto)

Zoe Williams who is a GP (@drzoewilliams)

Sarah Vohra who is a consultant psychiatrist (@themindmedic)

Each speaker discussed about their own individual knowledge and experience of their expertise, as well as answering questions from the audience. It was very useful and I learnt three important things which I need to do

To get more sleep-  I personally do not get enough sleep, sleep is great for giving the body rest after a stressful day, and can help the body to recharge the batteries. Also lack of sleep can cause the body to crave high sugar, high saturated fatty meals, as well as skipping breakfast. I was in that situation and I was having fry ups with bacon, sausages, hash browns, black pudding, baked beans, fried egg, with two slices of white toast, all this everyday because I was not having enough sleep. I now try to make sure I get 7 to 8 hours of sleep

To look after my skin-   you get out what you put in, unfortunately this does not correspond in regards to my skincare. I feel that I do not do this enough, especially as I wear alot of make up, so for me I really do need to look after my skin alot more. Especially if I want it to be glowing, now that the weather will be warmer not too long in the future.

Self care-  this for me is by far the most important, this can help us to feel more confident within ourselves, when we do this we have enough courage to take on daily life's challenges that will come our way. When we are in a negative space we have no energy, no motivation, no appetite to do anything. Over time this can worsen. Finding something that I enjoy be it going to the gym, or even chilling watchingNetflix, or even doing my nails gives me  that confidence to tackle life in general.

The evening was really educational, and fantastic I couldn't recommend it enough. Check out Lululemon events on Eventbrite, but also you can follow the speakers individual instergram which is also great.


  1. Sounds like it was an amazing event! I definitely need to take better care of my skin and practice a little more self care... It’s hard to find the time, isn’t it?


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