Diets don't work...

As part of my promotion to encourage everyone to eat well and discourage dieting, I have made a  quick chicken curry meal using Lloyd Grossmans jalfrazi jar. As you can seen I made the rice using wholemeal as a substitute rather than using white rice,
It tasted great and i checked the label, the amount of salt was low and it contains at least 1 of your five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. So really pleased with this all around. Also I did not add any salt to the wholemeal rice either.
Of course you can make your own, which would be also extra healthier as you are adding in your own spices and vegetables, but as I was in such a hurry I was unable to do this, and made a quick version.

There is enough to have a a decent portion for four days!!! So for the cost aspects of things this is such a great bargain. The total cost for this was £8, including the rice.
Have a go and let me know your thoughts...


  1. White rice is a cheap and easy starch many people choose to meal prep with, but there are healthier options out there, and they could really transform your meals! ...
    Red Or White Quinoa. ...
    Cauliflower Rice.
    Broccoli Rice.
    Brown Rice.


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