Thank you G suite

I know this may be going off target but i really wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you to Google for helping to fix my emails. 
Basically they were not working at all and i called them and spoke to this lovely gentleman called Hans. Bless Hans he spent days and days trying to fix it. But he just didnt give up at all, now that is what i call dedication !!!
Overall i managed to fix it by inputting the correct Cname ( all very technical) into the field where the website and emails point to. This was the reason it was not working, because it just went missing. 
So you are probably thinking where on earth can you call googgle? Well there is a programme called G suite where all the apps are available, however the best part about this is if there are any issues at all, you can call them anytime and any day with anything google related. There are different price plans starting from $5 a month ( around £3 )so i do not think thats too bad in price. I think this is great to have especially if you are a google apps virgin like me :)

Happy birthday google!!

Click the link below for more info:


  1. I can call Google? This is really a great relief for me. And the price of that stuff is considerably cheap. Thanks for letting us know this.

  2. Having issues with ones stuffs can really be energy sapping and disgusting, especially if one is tech-novice. It's really good to hear about this suit though, I may give it a shot soon.


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