I really cannot stress how important it is to exercise on a regular basis. We should aim to do this minimum 30 minutes five days a week. Various mobiles now have apps where this can monitor how much exercise we do and give advice on how we can improve this. One that i am using is samsung health because it has everything in one, it monitors the water intake as well as others. I will go into more detail about this in my next blog. 
For now i went to gym last night and i am   now lifting a 12kg kettlebell. I was lifting 8kg before exactly 6 months ago but my body got used to the weight. I  am always aiming to improve myself. The 12kg is really heavy so i will be sticking to that for a while now. 


  1. Really?
    I think I will need to read the post you made on the app. I seriously need a motivation to daily get my butt on the machines and get fit.

  2. Yes. When we exercise for a period of time, how body get used to our normal routine and we tend to see little or no result again from our workouts. The basic key to undo that is to continually get the muscles challenged by taking on a more challenging exercise.


  3. Yes, Regular physical activity can improve muscle strength and increase endurance. The exercise provides oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and helps the cardiovascular system to function more efficiently.


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