Happy New Year!!

Hi yes I am back, I am still here. 

I know I sort of disseappeared for a while, but it is for a good reason. 
I moved places so I have been doing that for the past few months but unfortunately my blog had to take a back seat a bit. But I am all done now and ready for it again. 

So happy new year!! ,I hope that you are still sticking to the new year resolutions. If not help is still at hand so have no fear, Fran is here to help :) 

So my first blog post for 2017 is the ready meal. So I am aware that ready meals do get alot of stick, however it can be a convenience for people like me who have literally just got home now, and there is no way I am cooking and eating at 10.30 tonight :(

So I just thought I'd pop to Iceland earlier to try one of their new rebranded ready meals

I am having the moussaka which I have attached to this, so that you can have a look. It costs £2.59 and it is a reasonable sized portion. 

OMG it smelled absolutely gorgeous in the microwave which made me even more hungry lol

When I tasted it, it was really really nice.

Definitely would recommend this if you need a quick ping meal 



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