To do Carbs, or not to do Carbs

so as you can see I had a Jacket potato the other day with cheese. Its actually one of my favourite foods, because it tastes nice, and its quick n easy. The added bonus as well, is that it is very healthy. To make it more healthier what I did was swapped a normal potato (well what is normal these days to be honest xx) for the sweet potato one. If you can see it, you can tell it is because it is very dark. Sweet potato is packed full of Fibre, Iron, Vitamin B6 and of course carbohydrates. we need these nutrients, as they are all very important. carbs really do get a bad reputation, but we need energy, otherwise how are we able to get up in the morning, or do our daily errands, or even drive the car, all this requires energy.Bu But of course if we eat far too many portions of this, we can put alot of weight on, and this is why we need to watch our portions.


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