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The science behind wellness event

It was so nice to be invited by a good friend of mine to attend this event at Regents street hosted by Lululemon

It was all about three really inspirational speakers discussing the importance of looking after ourselves which can help with becoming more confident within ourselves.

The speakers were Anita Mitra who advise on gynae issues,  (@gynaegeek)

Anjali Mahto , who is a dermatologist (@anjalimahto)

Zoe Williams who is a GP (@drzoewilliams)

Sarah Vohra who is a consultant psychiatrist (@themindmedic)

Each speaker discussed about their own individual knowledge and experience of their expertise, as well as answering questions from the audience. It was very useful and I learnt three important things which I need to do

To get more sleep-  I personally do not get enough sleep, sleep is great for giving the body rest after a stressful day, and can help the body to recharge the batteries. Also lack of sleep can cause the body to crave high sugar, high saturated fatty meals, as well as sk…

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