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Happy New Year!!

Hello everyone! I know that I am a bit late to the new year wishes, but things have been a little manic as usual, but its better late than never as they say ha ha ! So as in my previous post I am keen to discuss other topics ,  all part of the wellness journey. As you know which I mention countless times, I am a practising Nutritionist, and promote all things health to everyone. So what better way to promote a nutritional topic, but at the same time, wellness as well. So this week's  topic is teeth! Now you are probably thinking why is teeth related to nutrition and wellness? well here it goes, and hopefully all makes sense, and everything comes together.  Teeth defines our smile, our personality as well as bringing out our inner confidence. But just as any other part of our body we have to look after it as well. I do not know about you but since the pandemic I have not been looking after it to be honest, with eating more sweets, chocolate, alcohol etc, due to the ever change of lo

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