Product Review- Jamie Oliver Bolognese tortellini with 7 veg tomato sauce

 Hey everyone !

Back again with another product review. This time is the Jamie Oliver Bolognese Tortellini with the 7 veg tomato sauce. 

I was so looking forward to trying this, as I have been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver for a very long time. I really passionate about him when he did the ministry of food campaign in schools, and then took this to the community with his pass it on campaign as well. He is so keen for the community as a whole to cook healthier meals, at low prices. I feel with this range he is implementing this, and continuing on that journey. When I look at the nutritional label for the tomato sauce it contains 3.6 grams of fat, 0.4 grams of saturated fat, 8 grams of sugar, and 0.76 grams of salt. Personally for the fat content, anything below 10 grams of fat is great, including the saturated fat. So these figures in relation to fat, especially saturated fat is quite a low amount. The salt content I think is low as well, however this has been labelled as a medium amount on the packaging. You can see on the labelling at the front of the packet that has been labelled  as a amber, which I agree with, as we want to keep the salt content as low as possible, especially as at least 75% of foods contains salt anyway, it is important to go for foods which has low salt in them. When I check the ingredients it contains the following: tomato, tomato juice, Citric acid, Courgette, onion, carrot as well as others. 

If you remember my post regarding food labelling, the link is here: Food Labelling

 I explained that the product that is labelled first contains mostly that item, so for the tomato sauce, it would be the tomato. Tomato is fantastic, as not only it contains one of our five a day, but also it contains vitamin c, (also called ascorbic acid)  which is great for improving the immunity in our bodies, as well as working with other vitamins to absorb iron properly. Tomato also contains fibre, which is great for regular bowel movements, and to help to control cholesterol. 

Going back to the packaging I love them both as it was colorful, that is what draw me to this in particular. The packaging is recyclable, as I actually re use them, especially the tomato sauce, as I used the pot recently to make granola with yoghurt, which I left overnight, to use as my breakfast one day. 

The whole thing took 10 minutes to make, and it just tasted so good. I added basil at the end just to give it more of a kick which helped make the meal even nicer.  I would definitely be buying this again, as it is a nutritious meal which only takes 10 minutes to make, which is a bonus. I have to add that I find it is quite pricey, as the whole meal costed £5. Tesco, Asda  and other various supermarkets including Lidl do their own dupes, so it would be good to try their versions, and compare them with this. Even I can try make my own personal version and throw that in the mix, and compare that too with the various supermarket brands maybe!!

Overall I loved it, and would definitely be buying this again without a shadow of a doubt, it just tasted really nice. 


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