Product Review "Naked without the Oink"

So my cooking chronicles during lockdown are continuing, and I am sure that there is currently no stopping me at the moment, which is a positive thing, as I am using this period to improve my cooking skills during this lockdown. I took this opportunity to swap a type of food I cook sometimes, including fry ups on special occasions, and that is bacon. I really wanted to swap this for a vegetarian or a vegan option, as I am trying to cook with meat alternatives, and you know save the planet a bit more, which is a big big topic at the moment. 
I found this product in Tesco when I was browsing : 

To be honest I liked the packaging, packaging is the one thing that I am drawn to when I am buying something, and I do buy it, then look at the nutritional information afterwards. Which I know is not ideal, especially when choosing healthier items, but you know I really cannot help myself, I am like a young child in the toy shop I like everything I see ha ha ha !! then buy it.

So I purchased this, with the definite intention of trying it with a proper meal, as it was a bit pricey so I thought let me cook this with a meal rather than a fry up for breakfast. I made vegetable pasta with the bacon alternative, the picture is attached. 

It tasted nice, the "bacon" was really sweet, so I checked the nutritional information. It contains less fat, calories and sugar, however it does have a high salt content. As you will know in my previous blog posts over the years, I have explained the dangers of high salt content food. Based on this only I am going to give this a miss I am afraid. It is a shame, as I said it tasted just like bacon, but with the high salt content I am unable to promote this, and so my journey to meat alternatives continues. Please let me know which meat alternatives to recommend so that I can do a review here. To the company Naked , I am confident that there will be a lower salt content item coming out soon, so looking forward to trying it out when it arrives in supermarkets!


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